Bishop's Letters

Letters from the Bishop, in descending order.

A Letter from our Bishop - May 2005
In September 2004, I wrote to you about our Diocesan Pastoral Plan and the work that needed to be done on it by our parishes and diocesan offices and ministries.  Now, several months later, it is gratifying to see it take shape and come to life.  An enormous amount of work was required to complete this stage of the project... read more

Letter to the Faithful - August 24, 2004
On August 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption, I celebrated the second anniversary of my episcopal ordination. When I visit our parishes, people frequently ask me how I am doing... read more

Promulgation - May 30, 2004
Today, at St. Peter’s Cathedral in London, I will be promulgating our Diocesan Pastoral Plan. Pastors will be making the same announcement in each of our parishes... read more

Diocesan Pastoral Plan - May 30, 2004
Download printable, text only PDF (9 k)

Update on the Process to Develop a Diocesan Pastoral Plan - December 23, 2003
In the Advent/Christmas issue of the Diocesan Newsletter, I gave a brief update on the progress that has been made in developing a pastoral plan. The purpose of this letter is to give a detailed report to those of you... read more

Diocesan Pastoral Plan - March 24, 2003
On Tuesday, March 25 th, and Wednesday, March 26th, the Council of Priests will be meeting to discern the initial stages of developing a Pastoral Plan for the diocese... read more

Letter from the Bishop - February 18, 2003
We are now prepared to move to the next stage in the development of a Diocesan Pastoral Plan. The Working Group, comprised of representatives from... read more

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